Friday, November 6, 2009

"Well, we're movin' on up...." Up County that is...

So most people know that we have been trying to sell our condo for months now. We had a contract on the condo several months back, but the whole thing fell through. So we decided to take it of the market for a little and about two months ago put it back on.

I kid you not that when our buyer walked through the door I KNEW that he was the one! And sure enough, an hour after our showing, his agent called for the disclosures. My hubby, ever so realistic, didn't want to get excited until all the paperwork came through and we closed. I, on the other hand, was SOOOO excited. I just knew that this was going to happen.

Okay, so fast forward to yesterday....
We closed on the sale of our downtown Silver Spring condo and all went well! So now it's CRUNCH TIME! We need to be out of the condo by the end of the month.

After looking around a little we didn't really find a house that we loved, that was big enough, in the right area and for the price we wanted; so we decided to look for a rental property. That way we could rent, save money and see what the market does.

My mom and I spent all day Monday looking at properties....I think we looked at about 10 or 11. We found 2 that I really loved. The only problem is that they were asking a little too much in the monthly rent.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I heard back from one of the owners and they are willing to rent to us for the price we were wanting to spend!! AND we heard back from another property, which we'll be looking at today and they are also willing to take our offer!

I'm very excited about this news, especially since after closing yesterday I had no idea where we were going to be moving to. Yet again, God showed up and was faithful to provide. Now we just have to deal with the details and determine which house we'll be moving to!

Soooo, let the packing begin!

Here are some pics of the two potential homes..and of course, when we know exactly where we're going I'll put tons of pictures up! (Can you tell I'm excited to have more space??)

This is the first one...this one has a lot of space and a gorgeous deck that spans the full length of the house with an amazing view of the lake!

This is the second's not as large, but a plus is that its just been freshly painted AND it's actually the right color!
Stay tuned!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Life Happens? ...Life Takes Over!

I would start by profusely apologizing to my regular readers (HA!) for seriously neglecting my blog for months. BUT... the reality of the matter is that life, like it tends to do, swept me up and carried me away into the deep abyss that is the "daily routine."
I'm sure you can all relate to that! I won't go into much detail about what things have been going on...just life. Ups and downs, successes and failures, life and death, disappointments and hopeful know the deal.
So I thought I would just pick up where I left off. Last time I posted, I was on my way to Atlantic City for a birthday getaway. It was great! My husband had a bunch of things planned, one of which was an AMAZING dinner at a 5 star steakhouse. (I have had eaten at some of the most well-known steakhouses, but this was truly the BEST STEAK of my life!) Definitely no Ponderosa DAD!!
We checked into the hotel, where my husband had booked one of their multiple room was decadent! Unfortunately, whoever had been in that room last partied a little to hard and it the cleanliness wasn't quite up to we switched to a regular room in the new tower of the hotel (it was very nice).
Anyway, it was a nice birthday and I really enjoyed spending lots of quality time with my hubby and my baby girl!
Here are some pictures!

This was all of Maddie's stuff...yep, for a three day trip!

She loooved the fountain in the casino!

One of the views from our room :)

All dressed up for dinner!

At dinner with Daddy :)

Our family :) We had a great time!
Okay, so I'm going to try and not let life carry me away too often so I can keep this up to date!