Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All That Glitters Is Gold

I'm very happy to announce that we are all feeling much better and are almost at 100% back to normal, after over a week of being sick! And what better way to celebrate then to sip some bubbly and catch some amazing fashions from the Golden Globes?! Did you watch the Red Carpet? As usual, I was tuned into E! to catch Live From The Red Carpet. This year was so amazing and I was pleasantly suprised that there were so many well dressed celebs.

So here's my run down on best and worst dressed, as well as a couple overlooked celebs that I think look phenominal!

My pick for best dressed couple! Move over Angelina and Brad, you are overrated and I'm so tired of hearing about you. Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas wreak of fabulousness! How can you not be so happy for them right now? Michael is cancer free, which is amazing, and they just look so stunning here! (Catherine was wearing Monique Lhuillier)

Olivia Wilde (wearing Marchesa) was the first person I saw on the red carpet and I immediately wanted a closer look. As you know, I'm all about the bling! And this is the perfect princess dress, that every girl wants to wear...right? I love Marchesa and I do love this dress, but part of me thought that this has been done over and over again. I mean, didn't Cameron Diaz just wear something similar (from Oscar de la Renta) last year?! This would have been a total hit if she had done something with her hair...I was confused. So I won't put this at the top of my best dressed, but it's not the worst.

Okay, let me just get this over with...not my favorite person/couple/celeb/whatever BUT I did love this dress. However, I'm tired of her going for the same sillouette all the time, but put this (Versace) dress on Sandra and I would have died!

Emma Stone (in Calvin Klein) looked gorgeous! I absolutely love this dress! It's simple and elegant and the color looks amazing on her! Had she worn this in white, she would have gotten lots of buzz for sure. Love it.

Piper Perabo in Oscar de la Renta! Need I say more? I love pretty much everything he designs. This dress is lovely. Her hair, makeup, jewelry...it all works! I want to wear this. Definitely one of my best dressed picks!

Lea Michele always looks fabulous, in my opinion. She's an amazingly talented young lady with a fabulous sense of style. She takes risks, but is rarely over the top. I know that a lot of fashiono critics were saying that this was just too much dress for her to deal with. BUT it's Oscar de la Renta people!!! The dress is gorgeous. She can totally pull it off and once I caught a glimpse of that little pop of green in her statement ring, I was SOLD.

Drum roll please...My number one best dressed pick is Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive! The moment I saw her, I died. This is amazingly stunning! I don't even want to necessarily wear it, I just want to have it in my closet...it's just that fabulous. Yet again, stylist Rachel Zoe hit the ball out of the park! (ps. did you see Rachel at the after party show? She's pregnant and glowing...and even if she was feeling tired or sick, she look fabulous....as usual)

And I have to just throw in my best dressed actor. I know, I don't really care about the men's fashion all that much, but Ryan Gosling looked so handsome and just so appropriate, yet updated, for the occassion! (He's wearing Salvatore Ferragamo)

Here are a few celebs that didn't get much buzz on the red carpet, that I think were rocking it too!

Mandy Moore often gets overlooked on the red carpet because, let's face it, she's not really an A-list celebrity and what has she been in lately? Still, I like her and I think she really looked beautiful.

Kiera Sedgwick is never on my best dressed lists. I'm normally left confused after seeing her and while I wasn'a huge fan of this on the red carpet, I caught a glimpse of her at the actual awards show and she looked really pretty. I especially loved her jewels!

Eva Longoria looked pretty too and considering what she's been going through, I felt the need to mention her! (Although, I could have done with less boobage)

Here are my picks for worst dressed! I'm finding it hard to give a summary of why they need to hire a stylist or fire the one they have without sounding horribly brutal, but I'll give it my best shot! AND I'll even throw in a positive comment too!

Can you believe this is actually a HUGE step up for her?

No surprise Megan Fox is able to make Armani Prive look, umm....sleezy?

Awww...Michelle Williams. Can you believe this is Valentino? bleh.

Did you see the hair clip she was wearing?! Was she playing dress up in her great grandmother'swardrobe? Loose the hair clip and the cape please.

Stuffed sausage?

I know she's wacko and this is no surprise coming from her, but...still.

WHAT?! So confused. I don't know about the dress because I'm too distracted by whatever is on top of her head. Sandy, FIRE YOUR HAIRSTYLIST ASAP!

Okay, love her. Thought she should have won for best actress in a tv movie BUT I don't get how she spent so much time and energy to loose weight (she looks great by the way) only to put on this dress which easily adds 20 pounds. WHY!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!

As Heidi always says on Project Runway, "In fashion, you're either in or you're out." Well Heidi, you're out.

Okay, we get it Halle. You're drop dead gorgeous! So WHY do you feel the need to wear a dress that was obviously not even finished (I think the designer ran out of fabric) just for the sake of showing off your "goods?!" Ridiculous.

Tina Fey on a worst dressed list? It's okay people, she's totally used to it.

Look at Johnny Depp's face...that says it all. What the...?!?

What a bummer, I love January Jones. But I think this was just too much "skin" that we didn't need to see. Her hair and makeup was flawless.

Red flower, red purse, red shoes and red lips. bad, bad, bad and bad. What a disappointment.

Again, I don't know about the dress. I was too distracted by her hair...

Well, if you didn't see the red carpet, hopefully you feel caught up now that you see what you missed! There were lots of amazing dresses, the awards show itself was pretty entertaining and I think everyone was most deserving of their awards! Can't wait for the Grammys!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gesundheit or Gazoontite?!

Regardless of how you say it or spell it, it has become our most commonly used word this week. Yep...Maddie and I have been plagued by the flu and cold this week!

It's miserable enough being sick, but it's ten million times worse when your child is sick AND you're sick. I know all the moms can totally relate to this.

Here are the main reasons why I hate being sick...(in no particular order)

1. Feeling miserable

2. Not being able to really rest up

3. You get HORRIBLE sleep, constantly interrupted by coughing, blowing your nose...

4. Lounging in pajamas all week (poor Maddie, not one outfit all week! LOL)

5. Going through a Value-Pack of Tissues in less than an hour

6. Overdosing on the Sprout Channel and every Disney movie known to man (or rather, known to Maddie)

There are many more reasons, but between stopping to blow my nose and sneeze, writing this blog is already taking too long.

So what's the solution to making being sick a little more manageable? I saw this and thought it was genius.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Hello Lover"

Carrie Bradshaw couldn't have put it any better...

Shoes, shoes and shoes. Seriously, I have yet to meet a woman that doesn't really love them. AND if those women exist, I assure you it is because they have not found that perfect pair yet!
I'm a fan of shopping designer brands, but I am also a HUGE fan (and so is my husband) at getting a good deal and sometimes that means finding the look for less. However, I do not like to go that route unless it also means quality. I do believe that you get what you pay for. With that being said, here are two pairs of shoes that are absolutely fabulous. Now I admit, they are not for everyone...but if you find that just by looking at these, you can see yourself in them, I promise you will not be disappointed.

I love Sergio Rossi and his fabulous footwear has been seen all over the red carpet these days, but being on a budget (as I'm sure you can relate), they are totally out of my budget! But Sam Edelman and Jessica Simpson have come to the rescue with looks for less...and the difference is virtually undetectable! The tear drop peep toe was all the rage this past fall, and even now, and I have no doubt it will carry through to Spring.

Here's Sergio Rossi's that retail for $695

Here are the Looks for less, which come in an array of colors!

Sam Edelman's "Novato" $99Jessica Simpsons "Bravo" $79

Either way, remember that you can update any old look from your closet, by simply refreshing your accessories wardrobe! A new pair of shoes can make an old outfit really pop... in a cost effective way.

Who are you??

Who am I? Well, you may be asking yourself that very same question. Fear not friends, someone has not hacked into Rachel Moon's blog and decided to pick up where she left off.

I know it's been forever and so much has happened. So instead of a huge long entry to get everyone caught up...here's what you missed:

1. My wonderful husband found a great apartment for us to rent while looking for a house

2. We found our "dream house" and are FINALLY closing on it at the end of the month-begining of next month (LOTS more to come on that)

3. Madde is now 21 months old and SUPER adorable and the complete joy and love of our lives (DEFINITELY lots more on that)

4. I still love God, my family, friends, being a wife, a mother and my ever growing love of fashion and style has led me towards a new business venture (well not really new) as a stylist for Stella & Dot...oh! and yes, I still do bridal makeup.

5. Still a Lakers and Ravens fan!

So yeah, that's about it, in a nut shell! Believe it or not, I have even more to say than I did before, so I can't imagine that there will be lack of posts...but as life "takes over," you just never know!

Happy New Year and Happy Reading!