Friday, April 29, 2011

And The Bride Wore White...

If you weren't up at 3am sipping your tea and eating a scone, fear not! The wedding watched around the world will be airing all day...probably everyday for a while! I tried to wake up that early, but just couldn't get myself together...I think I rolled out of bed around 5:30am, which was actually perfect timing! I was able to catch some pre-wedding footage and then watch the wedding live. (However, I was drinking coffee not tea...and unfortunately no scones and clotted cream)

I am, and have been for YEARS, obsessed with English history. Living in England for three years definitely has had a play in that. If there's a movie about Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, Mary Queen of Scotts, etc...I've seen it! I'm also a Tudors addict and really into the history of the Tudors in general...just can't get enough! So needless to say, witnessing English history right before my eyes was amazing! I love William and Kate's commitment to family tradition while not losing themselves through the pomp and circumstance. When I think of a royal wedding or just a royal event in general, I think of being proper, not cracking a smile, being poised... Somehow the new royal couple managed to be proper and poised, yet crack several smiles and just appear to be really real and down to earth (as much as royalty could be I suppose...)
So of course I have to post some pictures from The Wedding!!

Here are the parents of the bride with the Prince Charles. Carole Middleton was wearing a sky blue wool coat dress and a matching crepe dress underneath by Catherine Walker. I read that Catherine Walker was actually one of Princess Diana's favorite designers.

Prince William and Prince Harry entering Westminster Abbey.

Catherine arriving with her father. PS. with a name like Catherine Elizabeth, I would say she was born to be royalty...wouldn't you??

How stunning is she?? Here's what I love...I love that out of all the tiaras she could have chosen, she chose such simple, yet so beautiful, one. Her tiara is 1930's Cartier, loaned to her by the Queen. Her earrings were a gift from her parents (tear drop diamonds), her bouquet was a fraction of the size of most Royal's, but fit her simple and elegant style! Her veil was gorgeous and had the perfect amount of fabric...we could actually see her face under it! Did I mention that she did her own makeup?? I mean, that (having done that myself...hehe) ANNNNND last, but not least, THE DRESS. Let's first talk about how it's an absolute miracle that the design/designer of the dress was not leaked to the press! I personally was in such anticipation to see the dress and find out who designed it. Kate's dress was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen (perfect choice)! I thought it was simply gorgeous. Traditional with a modern twist, which I love! Her sister, and lady in waiting (pictured above) also wore a dress by Sarah Burton and I have to say that I loved that dress too, although was caught off guard by how low cut it was in the front! ps. Kate's sister, Phillipa Middleton aka "Pippa" was a trending topic on twitter this morning! I read that Pippa is now one of the MOST popular baby names for a girl...just sayin'.

Fergie's girls...the Princesses of York. If you love a good hat, then this wedding would have been a field day for you! The invitation did request that women wear hats (which all proper British women do, to events such as this) although somehow the Prime Minister's wife didn't get the memo *gasp* The Princesses' hats were designed by Phillip Treacy, a favorite of Kate's. He also is the designer of the crazy, yet beautiful, hats worn by SJP on the Sex and the City red carpets. Phillip Treacy dressed over 65 guests from the Royal wedding!! And by looking at some of those hats, it is no surprise!

Some of the pictures from the truly was lovely.

The Queen and Prince Phillip leaving the usual the Queen wore a pastel color, but the yellow was in keeping with the trends!

The Royals being escorted to the Palace after the was gorgeous and the crowd was going crazy!

The newlyweds waiving to the public! I was really impressed by how calm and poised Kate was through the whole thing. She was proper, yet not shy and seemed really comfortable in her new role!

Here are just a few of some really great shots from the crowd! Many dressed up and some REALLY got into character! I love it! I'm glad I got to see it on tv, but really wish I could have been there in person!

THE KISS! We waited about an hour for the newlyweds to come out on to the balcony to kiss! A tradition started by the Prince and Princess of Wales. The crowd cheered for a kiss and they couple willingly obliged...TWICE!

Congratulations to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! I am very excited to see what great things they bring to the monarchy, and I have no doubts that they will last! (I hope) :)

If you missed the actual wedding, you can download it online or just turn on the's replaying on several channels. If you like the fashion aspect of it, tune in to E! for the fashion commentary AND don't forget to tune into fashion police! This royal wedding is a historical moment not to be missed.

Thanks for reading my little recap! 

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  1. i'm such a sucker for weddings, combine royalty and a wedding, i'm totally suckered in! i don't have a single negative thing to say, your post summed up everything i wanted to write and more. i was in such shock when i heard she took makeup lessons to do her own. and the dress, cartier tiara, veil, bouquet, everything was so beautiful! per the photos she looks so very composed. i haven't watched the wedding yet, i was up all night cleaning, haha. i have it recorded so i can watch it tonight. yay!!