Thursday, May 12, 2011

Stella Sightings!

Lately, I've seen lots of Stella & Dot sighting on TV and in magazines, which makes me very happy! I think the most obvious Stella & Dot supporters are the Real Housewives of the OC...I mean, I seriously can't watch an episode without some S&D piece making an appearance!

This week's episode was no exception!

Here's Tamra with her seemingly nice boyfriend Eddie. This is not actual footage from the show, but the picture that was taken of her wearing this particular necklace wasn't a great shot. (If you want to go back and see it on the show, it's the clip with her meeting former OC Housewife, Lynn Curtin, for drinks.

A behind the scenes clip from BRAVO tv...Tamra sporting the same necklace!

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Here's another OC Housewife, Alexis, wearing the 'La Coco Chain Necklace' in Gold during one of her interviews! This is a fabulous necklace that you can wear long, doubled short or layered with other necklaces. There are also brooches that can be purchased, which clip right on for a whole other look!

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Tamra again...this time wearing the 'Bardot Spiral Bangle' in BOTH the gold and them together!

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Don't love the housewives? Okay, but you gotta admit they have great taste in jewelry! :) Also, on this week's Stella & Dot tv appearance was Chelsea Handler on her show Chelsea Lately wearing the 'Starry Night Necklace.' I wear mine layered with other delicate gold chains all the time!

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Okay, now I feel like my blogging week is complete, having done my shameless plugging of Stella & Dot. One the plus side though, it really is fabulous jewelry and if you don't own should! Also, keep your eyes out as I will be doing a really awesome Stella & Dot free giveaway very soon!!! Feel free to give me ideas on what to give away!


  1. haha, you're so funny, shameless plugging!

    i didn't notice all the S&D OC sitings!! love all the pieces so much :)

    great post chica!