Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bad Hair Days...Gone For Good!

So I was determined to get an August post in and I barely made it! As usual, things have been super busy, between trying to finish the house (yes, I know, it's still not done), living at my parent's house, helping take care of my mom (who had intense foot surgery), raising a toddler...and seriously the list goes on!

But with all of these things going on, I have made the time to check out some super fabulous new hair products that I had to share!!  :) Well, some of these I have been using for a while now and they are definitely a must share!

Here's another installment of My Favorite Things...

Last fall, after spending some time growing my hair out, I could not figure out why I still had to cut several inches off, even after cutting back on all chemical processed and not excessively using heat tools. Well, I decided to do a hair product overhaul and get rid of all the crap I had and start over!Well ladies, I'm here a year later to tell you that I've found some amazing products that have given me a total hair makeover!

You may be a HUGE fan of salon shampoo, but spend the big bucks no more! I've tried it all...and L'Oreal's Everstrong Shampoo & Conditioner does what all of the salon shampoos and conditioners do, but better (and half the price too!) Don't need "everstrong?" There's a whole line of shampoos & conditioners that are sure to fit your needs.

I was flipping through one of my favorite magazines (umm...Us Weekly *Cough*) and saw in the beauty section a little "article" about how to get shiny hair just like all the celebs, an no it's not just the lighting. The secret is hair glaze. Now you probably already know all about this, if you're a regular salon goer, but what you might not know is that you can get it at the drugstore and do it yourself! I tried it once and have been hooked ever since! John Frida's Clear Glaze will have your hair shimmering in a matter of minutes and once again, it's a fraction of the price it costs in a salon! Want an extra boost? Try the glaze specifically for your hair color.

The next item is one that I have recently tried and was very skeptical about, but for the price, thought it was worth a try. Boy am I glad I did! This is like an abbreviated version of the Brazilian Blowout. Spray Organix Brazilian Keratin Flat Iron Spray on your hair section by section while flat ironing to get silky, soft, bone straight hair! I've found that it's perfect from going from curled hair to straight in a matter of seconds without having to wash your hair and start over again! Best part about it? It's an Organix product which means it's void of all harsh chemicals and unlike the salon Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin treatments, it's formaldehyde free!

Speaking of not having to wash your hair all over again...I don't know about you, but there are just some days that you want to skip the whole hair washing thing. After all, some hairstyles work better with a little of your scalp's natural oils in it (sorry to any men out there that think this is gross, but it's the price of beauty). Ever heard of dry shampoo? Well, you probably know it's been around for a while now, but I am just SUPER late to join the club! I haven't tried all of the available products out there, but I have recently tried Fekai Au Naturel Dry Shampoo and it's definitely worth the price! It buys 1-2 extra days :)

Okay, so here's my most recent find! I was going to post a completely different product until I tried Alterna's Bambook Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Spray. This product is so amazing that I will most definitely be trying other Bamboo products very soon! This totally gives your hairstyle a sleek glossy finish, minus any frizz, and the best part about it is it does NOT leave your hair greasy! In fact, I've used it days in a row and haven't noticed any oil build up...it's basically magic spray.

Okay, so this last product you can totally take it or leave it, but I feel like you should TAKE IT! My whole life, I've been waiting for a hairspray that HOLDS no matter what, but at the same time, I could totally brush my hair and restyle (at any point of the day) without my hair being crusty or full of hairspray flakes! Here it is...Spray away! I have been ever since I got my hand on this. (Now again, you may already know about this product, but I have been hypnotized by another hairspray, which shall go nameless, for years! UGH). Get L'Oreal Elnett Super Hold Hair Spray now or forever hold your peace.

All of these products can be purchased at your local drugstore OR at Ulta (see the above links). I decided to give you the direct links to Ulta since there is an online (and in store) coupon for 20% off your entire purchase. Normally these coupons have a ton of exclusions, but for the first time it does NOT exclude the Chi 1" flat iron...SO if you don't have one, get one! Put down the cheap flat irons that are not only frying your hair, but not even getting it all that straight! You'll thank me later, I promise!

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