Tuesday, August 25, 2009

From Bags to Bibs

So life after having a baby is a little different...many times you find that

Instead of making cocktails, you're making bottles.

Instead of trying out the latest Barefoot Contessa recipe, you're downloading the latest organic baby puree.

Instead of catching a quick afternoon nap, you're doing the 30th load of laundry while your husband, the baby and all of the pets nap.

Instead of going on a shopping spree to find the hottest dress to add to your wardrobe, you're going on a bargain hunt at Baby Gap, Janie & Jack and Old Navy.

Instead of catching up on the latest episode of Martha Stewart, the news and your favorite reality shows, your tv is stuck on WETA kids and The Disney Channel.

And now for the latest...

Instead of shopping for the most fabulous fall handbag, you're on a search to find a baby bib that will keep your baby's neck dry and still be cute enough that it doesn't totally ruin her little outfit!

Well, I found some. Divas and Dudes by Cruz make the cutest little bibs that are also lined underneath with a waterproof plastic layer. Your baby/kids stay clean (or dry in the case of a teething baby) and still look stylish :)

The bibs come in three different sizes and TONS of different patterns! Sushi, cupcakes, Pucci and Leopard, etc...

You can purchase these online or at your local Nordstrom.

Now I must admit that after four months, I have figured out how to make bottles and still make cocktails, making two weeks of baby purees and still having time to try the latest Barefoot Contessa recipe, go bargain hunting at Baby Gap, Janie & Jack and Old Navy and then quickly swing by Nordies for the latest dress to add to my wardrobe AND I have also figured out that while Maddie is napping I can easily change the channel on the tv to a non-kids show! (Still working on the nap thing...but I doubt the handbag thing is gonna happen anytime soon, lol).

All in all, the little adjustments that you make when a new baby is on the scene is well worth it! We are enjoying our girl to the fullest and savoring every moment with her, as we know time surely flies and they grow so fast!

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  1. haha, the joys of being a fashionable mom! Love it girl :o)

    Keep enjoying the nap time (and maybe you can sneak one of your own in)

    If you ever need anything, I'm not too far!