Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Who are you??

Who am I? Well, you may be asking yourself that very same question. Fear not friends, someone has not hacked into Rachel Moon's blog and decided to pick up where she left off.

I know it's been forever and so much has happened. So instead of a huge long entry to get everyone caught's what you missed:

1. My wonderful husband found a great apartment for us to rent while looking for a house

2. We found our "dream house" and are FINALLY closing on it at the end of the month-begining of next month (LOTS more to come on that)

3. Madde is now 21 months old and SUPER adorable and the complete joy and love of our lives (DEFINITELY lots more on that)

4. I still love God, my family, friends, being a wife, a mother and my ever growing love of fashion and style has led me towards a new business venture (well not really new) as a stylist for Stella & Dot...oh! and yes, I still do bridal makeup.

5. Still a Lakers and Ravens fan!

So yeah, that's about it, in a nut shell! Believe it or not, I have even more to say than I did before, so I can't imagine that there will be lack of posts...but as life "takes over," you just never know!

Happy New Year and Happy Reading!


  1. yay! i'm excited to follow you on your blog :)

  2. Yay! I'm glad you're on here...I'm not really tech saavy and don't know how to upload videos, etc...but it's a start! ps. i saw your fav movie is Anne of Green Gables..thats one of mine too!!!!