Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gesundheit or Gazoontite?!

Regardless of how you say it or spell it, it has become our most commonly used word this week. Yep...Maddie and I have been plagued by the flu and cold this week!

It's miserable enough being sick, but it's ten million times worse when your child is sick AND you're sick. I know all the moms can totally relate to this.

Here are the main reasons why I hate being sick...(in no particular order)

1. Feeling miserable

2. Not being able to really rest up

3. You get HORRIBLE sleep, constantly interrupted by coughing, blowing your nose...

4. Lounging in pajamas all week (poor Maddie, not one outfit all week! LOL)

5. Going through a Value-Pack of Tissues in less than an hour

6. Overdosing on the Sprout Channel and every Disney movie known to man (or rather, known to Maddie)

There are many more reasons, but between stopping to blow my nose and sneeze, writing this blog is already taking too long.

So what's the solution to making being sick a little more manageable? I saw this and thought it was genius.

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