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Bling for Spring!

As the second installment of "my favorite things" I have decided to do two separate entries on jewelry! If you know me, you know I love jewelry and I'm always looking for a fresh new way to update my wardrobe. What better way than changing up your accessories and jewelry wardrobe?

Every jewelry wardrobe should have an every day piece, a statement piece and a dressy or trendy piece that you just HAVE to have! I'm breaking down my favorite, must have, Stella & Dot styles based upon 3 basic fashion styles. Whether you're style is Classic and Preppy (do you love J.Crew?), Boho-Chic (could buy your whole wardrobe at Anthropologie?), Trendy (Always looking for the latest trends at H&M?) or a combination of all're sure to find the perfect jewelry to update your look for Spring!

Statement Necklaces:

Calling all fashionistas! The Bamboleo Necklace is a new favorite of mine! This necklace is a trendy STATEMENT and definitely a commitment piece, as it is a little on the heavy side, but totally worth it!

If you follow me on facebook, then you know that the Metropolitan Mixed Chain Necklace is one of my all time favorites. Look familiar? I'm sure you've seen it on several celebrities...Giuliana Rancic to name one!

The Marrakesh Bib Necklace is fabulous! It gives a Moroccan twist to the modern bib necklace. I love it. It's totally Boho, yet very trendy! I wore mine the other day over a basic black and white striped T!

The picture of the Medina Bib Necklace does not even come close to doing it justice! This piece will not disappoint! So fabulous and chic!

The Rio Triple Strand Coin Necklace is a definite MUST HAVE for the Spring/Summer...and the other day I saw a picture of someone wearing it in the transition months too! So perfect and versatile. This is a statement necklace for all wardrobe styles! Throw it on over a simple tank, t-shirt or even a bathing suit cover up while lounging by the pool....THEN change into a Maxi dress or jumpsuit in the evening and it becomes a total day to night necklace.

The Stella Vintage Necklace is totally trendy and up to date, yet also really classic. It goes with could you not love it?? 90210's very own Annalyn McCord was just seen wearing it!

Did you see my post on facebook the other day?! It's no secret that the Bachelor's Jillian Harris loves Stella & Dot. She was recently seen sporting the Turquoise Sea Necklace! Every summer wardrobe must have a turquoise necklace! Love this one.

February's issue of In-Style Magazine featured the Revival Tassel Necklace as a must have piece for Spring! Oh so Boho!

I don't know whether to call these necklaces, Boho, classic or trendy....they really are for every style. These customized charm necklaces make a fabulous gift! Whether it's for yourself, mom, grandmother, sister, babysitter, etc... I have one with my daughter's birthstone charm, initial and the leaf, to add a little flair...a perfect and meaningful everyday piece!

Delicate Necklaces:

Most delicate necklaces can be worn everyday. This particular one is classic and trendy. It can be worn long or doubled...and the clovers are everywhere in jewelry fashion, so you'll be sure to be up to date with the trends!

Love lariat necklaces, they are so versatile! The Adrienne Mixed Chain Gold Necklace is my favorite for Spring/Summer. It does not exactly fit in the "delicate" category, but because of it's versatility, I had to add it to my list. I love it doubled and paired with the Large Gold Fringe Hoop Earrings (see below for the earrings)!!

The Penelope Necklace, as seen on Penelope Cruz, is a fabulous everyday Boho piece! Not sure what to get? Get this! You'll definitely get your money's worth and TONS of wear out of it.

The next two necklaces are fabulous every day pieces for all wardrobe styles! I wear them layered together all the time! Tiny delicate necklaces are definitely in style and these next few were all designed by celebrity jewelry designer Mara Brenner.


I LOVE LOVE the Petra Braided Bracelet...and so do the celebrity stylists! I've seen this bracelet on a number of celebs recently...Cheryl Burke (DWTS) , Giuliana Rancic and on "Blair Waldrof's" Gossip Girl, to name a couple! Pair it with the Petra Earrings and you're totally set (see below in earrings)!

Leather bracelets are really in style right now and I don't think they'll be going anywhere anytime soon. Perfect for everyday or throw on a little extra bling with it for evening! They come double wrapped in Black w/Gold and Brown w/Silver AND the single style bracelet in Purple w/Gold, Teal w/Silver and Metallic w/silver. Make a statement and stack them all together!

The combination of leather and pearls makes this so boho, yet so classic...the wrap style of the bracelet gives it a touch of trend too! I love it paired with the double wrap leather bracelet in Brown w/Silver (see above)!

Attention boho beach babes: this is for you! The Costal Azur wrap bracelet is a combination of semi precious stones and leather....definitely a summer must have!

Pave Soiree bracelets are for everyone. Wear just one or wear a bunch stacked'll be sure to love them as much as I do! They also come in Black and Turquoise....AND they all come with a fabulous pave ball for a little extra bling!

I LOVE LOVE this bracelet and the two others that are from the same collection (see on my website listed above)! I wear all three together...can you say Boho Chic?

I love the Mira Bangles in Gold (they also come in Silver)! They come in sets of three. Love the style, but want a little more bling than the turquoise offers? See the Devi bangles in Gold or Silver! The exact same style, but with scattered CZ stones!

More clovers please! The Signature Clover Bangle is a everyday must have. Pair it with the Signature Clover Chandelier Earrings (see below in earrings) OR need more clovers? See the Signature Clover Cuff (See the website listed under bracelets for more).

The Stella Vintage Links Bracelet is great for any wardrobe style! Pair it with a simple stud and you've got a subtle statement piece.


I love the Garden Party Chandelier Earrings! They come in green too! I've seen these on numerous Bachelorette's, including Jillian Harris!
Leaf earrings and necklaces can be seen everywhere these days. I love Stella & Dot's version!
Jill CZ hoops work with every wardrobe style. Everyone needs a hoop earring in their jewelry box and these are a must have!
The Petra Earrings look fabulous by themselves or with the Petra Braided Bracelet for an extra pop! They're my go-to earrings for evening. Fashion risk taker? Try wearing these with a casual plaid shirt and skinnies!
I LOOOOVE the Signature Clover Chandelier Earrings...and so does Giuliana Rancic! Saw her wearing them on an episode of E!'s Giuliana & Bill.
Love the clover necklace in gold (see above in delicate necklaces)? Pair is with these (Signature Clover Drop Earrings) and it's sure to be a hit!
The Fringe hoop earrings come in a small hoop (seen here) and the LARGE (which are my fav)! They come in Silver and Gold and I can't get enough of them!
People often ask me at trunk shows which earrings they should get if they can only get one pair and I always say the Jasmine Filigree Earrings! I favor them in gold, but they are just as fabulous in Silver!
The pearl bouquet earrings are even more gorgeous in person! The picture does not do them justice! Just want a subtle bit of bling? These are for you!
I love the Rio Chandalier earrinngs paired with the Rio Triple Strand Coin Necklace! Yet again, oh so Boho! These earrings also come in Silver!
These are my newest Stella & Dot item and I really love them! Love delicate gold pieces? These are for you! I love that it's a large hoop, but yet so delicate you won't even realize you're wearing them. Perfect for everyday!
The Pave Starfish Earrings are for the classic girl who also like to make a statement! I love beach themed jewelry! Live at the beach or go there often? You NEED these! (See the other assortment of beach themed jewelry in the PALM BEACH category of my website)

The Glint Studs are a necessity for every wardrobe. They go with everything and are perfect to wear with the Metropolitan Mixed Chain well as any other statement piece OR just by themselves.

Stella & Dot finally added basic ball studs to their fabulous selection of earrings! Sometimes you want to wear a big statement necklace or bib necklace and you don't want a bare ear. These are a perfect solution! They are small studs that go with literally EVERYTHING! (They come in silver too)
The Belle Fleur Earrings are my best selling pair of earrings (next to the Garden Party Chandalier and the Jasmine Filigree). They come in post AND clip! I absolutely love them for any occassion! Aside from a simple diamond or CZ stud, these are my go to studs. They make the perfect gift for anyone (have yet to find someone who doesn't love them). Planning a wedding? They make the perfect bridesmaid gift!

The Stackable CZ Deco Rings are my best seller rings! Everyone loves them and wants them! Look familiar? They just like the Tiffany's art deco stackable rings...but a fraction of the price! No one will ever suspect they are costume! They come in sets of three and are available in most ring sizes.

I love the stackable band rings because I really love mixing gold and silver...this set of 5 rings are simple and go with everything!!

Fit into the Boho-Chic category? Then you will LOVE the Camilla Ring! I looked everywhere for a fabulous green jade ring and couldn't find what I wanted that wasn't super cheap looking or just way out of my price range. Stella & Dot came to the rescue with their version of Gold and Aventurine. This ring is adjustable from inside the band, which is can be worn on any sized finger and it won't pinch you!
The Belle Fleur ring is the perfect way to make a statement! It's a trendy, yet classic piece that can be worn with or without the belle fleur earrings! (This ring is also a non-pinching adjustable ring that also comes in Hematite with a Black Stone....makes a FABULOUS gift for anyone)

The Vintage Cluster Ring falls under trendy AND classic...I swear I have seen an almost identical ring at J. Crew! (but not nearly as fabulous, of course) This is a big statement ring ready to amp up any outfit!

I'm sure you've seen one or two things that you really love or like...BUT if you love everything then you should seriously consider hosting a trunk show for you and your girlfriends! Another perk to hosting, besides seeing all this (and more) fabulous jewelry in person...FREE jewelry! The average hostess gets $250 in free jewelry...who doesn't love that? Have a friend that already has hosted a show? Don't worry! Your friends will still want to come to yours...there's always something new to see and try on, plus who doesn't want 2 hours of fun with the girls?!
Either way, I hope you've enjoyed seeing a little of Stella & Dot and that it's helped motivate you to update your wardrobe with a little Bling for Spring! (it's much cheaper than going out and buying a whole new wardobe)

*To find out more about hosting a trunk show or the opportunity of becoming a stylist go to

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  1. Love the Stella totally vintage necklace, its absolutely beautiful and looks as something straight from the 70s. Love the overlapping gold rings, it makes the piece very elegant.

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