Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Could It Be???

The entrance to our new neighborhood!

So after a looooong looooong time of searching for the perfect house, then finding it, then losing it, then getting it again and then another looooooooooong time of waiting to close on the house, could it be that we're actually doing it??
I think so! After the bank lifted the hold on all of their foreclosures, we got word that our paperwork was finally being processed. Then after a long weekend of rain we found out, from our appraiser, that the basement had flooded because the power had gone out and the pump could not work :( So we had decide if we wanted to proceed or start looking for a new house...AGAIN. So needless to say, it was a little stressful. BUT the water quickly was drained and our closing was only put off for another week. We're all set to close this Friday!! And then the house project will begin! It will be months of hard work to revamp this into our dream house, but I promise to blog about it and upload pictures of the process!! I'm excited and praying that we really are approaching the end of the waiting.
Fallsmead here we come!!

Okay, so on another note...I don't know if any of you get sucked into reality tv like I do, BUT regardless I couldn't let the recent Stella & Dot tv appearances go unmentioned!
As you may or may not know, I love the BRAVO franchise that is The Real Housewives and I was super excited to see that the new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County is jam packed with Stella & Dot. The Metropolitan Mixed Chain Necklace, The Garden Chandelier Earrings and The Turquoise Cortez & Suede Necklace all made appearances in the first two episodes of this season's series!

Another reality favorite of mine, I'm sorry to say, is The Bachelor. I have seen just about all of them and in the last year Stella & Dot has made multiple appearances! In fact there was not a single episode of the Bachelor Pad that did not feature a piece from last year's collections. You've seen in other blog entries that The Bachelor's Jillian Harris LOVES Stella & Dot and is often photographed wearing it, but to my excitement Trista Sutter decided to sport two Stella necklaces on Monday night's "After the Final Rose" show. She paired her Hale Bob dress with Stella's Bridget Bauble Necklace and the Chelsea Necklace in Gold! She looked amazing...and prior to the show, I would have never thought to pair those together...they are definitely my new favorite pieces! I couldn't find a picture from the show, but thanks to Twitter I was able to get one from Trista.

Here's Trista (far left) with Molly and Ali from past seasons

So as you can see, this has been a good week for Stella & Dot...and me! I hope that you're having just as good of a week, if not better...and if not, stop by my website and pick up your own jewels. I promise it will add a little sparkle to your week!

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